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Water Damage

Our team of experts specialize in water damage restoration services. We will take care of cleaning up the water and the associated damage as well as dealing with your insurance company.

We will help you remove all the water drying your floors, carpets, walls and furniture in your Commercial or Residential space. It is our mission to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

Our commitment is always to you.

Mould Remediation

At Details Restoration we have experienced and IICRC certified technicians to perform Mould Testing and Remediation. We can remove the contaminated building materials and eliminate the hazardous mould spores from your commercial building or home.

We often work with Third party Industrial Hygienists and Certified Inspectors to prevent any conflicts of interest between the interested parties.

Our objective is to ensure there is no visible or airbourne particles once the remediation is complete using a variety of tested, approved and proven methods.


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